Our investment philosophy

Identifying idiosyncratic, catalyst-driven credit opportunities
that deliver value to our clients

The FortWood investment philosophy centers on thriving within unpredictable and uncertain market conditions. We view periodic dislocations in various regions, countries and industries as potential opportunities to uncover favorable liquidity and risk-adjusted returns.

Our thorough research of geopolitical events, market trends and issuer-level due diligence guides our idea generation. In developing an investment thesis, we deep dive into the fundamentals, political dynamics and legal frameworks of our target markets. Combining rigorous top-down and bottom-up analysis helps us to identify idiosyncratic, catalyst-driven credit opportunities.

We seek to leverage our expertise in global distressed credit across the emerging markets spectrum to transform inherent volatility into a reliable source of value for our clients.

Risk disclosure

The Strategy’s investment objectives are targets only. Actual performance may differ materially, including due to market or economic factors, portfolio management decisions, or other reasons. With all investments there is a risk of loss of all or a portion of the amount invested.

Investors should be aware of the material risks of FortWood’s strategies, which may include, but are not limited to credit, counterparty, country, issuer, and risk of loss. For more information on the material risks of each investment strategy, please contact FortWood.

FortWood Capital
February 6th, 2024