About us

FortWood Capital specializes in actively managed emerging markets credit investing.

We offer the expertise to navigate a world of untapped potential for our clients.

Founded in 2023 and headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut, FortWood Capital is built on the enduring strength and integrity symbolized by the historical fort at Liberty Island.

We focus on the emerging markets credit space, providing clients with strategies backed by our decades of experience and history of hands-on investing in these regions and markets.

Our edge: The FortWood difference

We believe that FortWood’s investment team is our greatest asset, having worked together in close collaboration with significant experience in global credit markets.

Our team’s synergy and cohesion enrich our perspective on emerging markets credit dynamics. We combine in-depth research, flexibility and a client-centric mindset to effectively manage market complexities.

Analytical rigor & discipline

We combine macroeconomic insights with fundamental analysis as we seek to deliver absolute returns and grow capital.

Adaptability & resilience

Adapting to market challenges while adhering to a consistent investment approach is key to our resilience and foresight.

Client-centric & risk-aware

We offer emerging markets credit strategies to align with our clients’ objectives, supported by a risk management framework.

Strength in partnership

FortWood Capital is part of Connor, Clark & Lunn Financial Group Ltd. (CC&L Financial Group), an independently owned multi-boutique asset management firm whose affiliates are collectively responsible for approximately approximately US$96 billion in assets under management on behalf of institutional, high net worth and retail clients.

Our affiliation with CC&L Financial Group allows us to focus on what we do best – providing our clients with sophisticated and differentiated credit strategies that align with their objectives.

FortWood Capital
February 6th, 2024