Our expertise

Uncovering high-impact credit opportunities to enhance client portfolios

We combine macroeconomic insights with fundamental, micro-level research to identify attractive emerging markets credit opportunities, supported by our team’s extensive industry experience.

With a focus on achieving strong risk-adjusted returns across market cycles, we seek to capitalize on opportunities within the emerging markets credit landscape that enhance portfolio performance.

Decades of

The FortWood team’s background reflects our understanding of the nuances of the emerging markets credit landscape. We believe that FortWood’s investment team is our greatest asset, having worked together in close collaboration with significant experience in global credit markets.

Differentiated strategies

We offer active long-only and absolute return mandates across emerging markets corporate and sovereign external currency debt, areas in which we have extensive investment experience.

Risk management

Our risk management framework rigorously assesses how changes in market conditions, asset prices and other factors may impact our portfolios. This approach allows us to swiftly adapt to the evolving environment and avoid taking unintended risks.

Turning market uncertainty
into portfolio strength

We seek to capitalize on emerging markets volatility, trading a broad range of products across issuers’ capital structures. Our approach focuses on safeguarding our clients’ portfolios against unexpected market shocks – an aspect frequently missed in conventional emerging markets credit investing.

FortWood Capital
February 6th, 2024