Cutting through
the complexity of
emerging markets
credit investing

At FortWood Capital, we view the emerging markets credit
landscape through a lens of opportunity and insight.

We integrate specialized investment expertise with deep market insight
and robust risk management to bring you fortified emerging markets
credit strategies as compelling and enduring as our namesake.

A fresh perspective on
emerging markets
credit investing

In the complex world of emerging markets credit, our team applies a rigorous analytical process to uncover opportunities where others might see only challenges. This ethos is woven into every decision we make, every strategy we develop and every relationship we build with our clients.

Embracing uncertainty,
delivering results

Our expertise lies in blending macro and micro insights to solely focus on identifying promising opportunities and hidden gems in the emerging markets credit universe.

Independent investment thinkers:

Our differentiated approach sets us apart from conventional thinking.

Three distinct yet complementary strategies:

Utilize insights from corporate and sovereign long-only and absolute return strategies to build robust, risk-adjusted portfolios.

Experienced credit investors:

Our combined individual and team experience equips us to capitalize on opportunities and generate alpha for our clients.

Proactive risk management:

Each investment and portfolio is continuously subject to FortWood’s risk management framework.

Get to know
FortWood Capital

The collective experience of our team in global credit, restructuring and banking forms the backbone of our approach.

The FortWood difference

A symbiotic team with extensive emerging markets credit experience and a rigorous approach to optimizing investment returns – anchored in principles as steadfast as the fort that inspired our name.

Connor, Clark & Lunn
Financial Group Ltd.

FortWood Capital is an affiliate of Connor, Clark & Lunn Financial Group Ltd., one of the largest private, independently held asset management firms in Canada. Together, we provide a broad range of distinct and independently managed traditional and alternative investment products and services to investors through a diverse family of affiliates.

FortWood Capital
February 2nd, 2024